PICK of the RACK: Madrigal Vineyards | Petite Sirah | Napa Valley | California | 2007 | $33 | 92 pts

Aromas:  black & blueberry; vanilla bean; toasted coconut.
Character:  dry; fruit-driven; rich, lush and full-bodied;  chewy tannins; medium acidity; soft oak.
Flavors: ripe dark berries & fruits; vanilla bean; black pepper; dark chocolate-covered coconut.
Food Pairing: grilled meats; roasts; game; wonderful by itself.


A Wine on the Barrelhead “Big Honkin’ Wine”

Looking for full-throttled (but fine-tuned) red?  Look no further than the Petite Sirahs of Madrigal Vineyards in Napa Valley, California.  Madrigal is a small, family-owned producer in Napa Valley, just south of the town of Calistoga.  The winery specializes in bold and expressive wines, and its 2007 Petite Sirah beautifully exemplifies that style.  It’s explosively rich, brimming with aromas and flavors of ripe blueberries and blackberries, vanilla bean, chocolate, and toasted coconut (a delicious trait of well-made Petite Sirah), which all come together with deep, harmonious pleasure.  It’s a wine that will appeal to fans of fruit-driven, mouth-filling, New World reds.  A “big honkin’ wine,” indeed.

Availability:  Madrigal is a small producer, so your best bet for finding their Petite Sirah (and other selections) is through the winery itself.  The 2008 vintage of the Petite Sirah (pictured in the label shot, above) is currently available, and it’s sure to rival the 2007.  Visit Madrigal for more information at www.madrigalvineyards.com.

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