EVERYDAY WINE PICK: Layer Cake Wines | Garnacha (Grenache) | Calatayud | Spain | 2010 | $15

This Garnacha (Grenache) was produced in the Calatayud region of north central Spain from old-vine vineyards situated at 3,000 feet above sea level.  The high elevation, arid climate, wide daytime-nightime temperature swings, and dry, rocky soils account for an intriguing mélange of aromas and flavors and remarkable freshness.  It is full-bodied and fruit and earth driven, with a nose of pomegranate syrup, rosewater, and lavender followed by core flavors of black cherry, orange peel, and cardamom.  All are layered with touches of vanilla and caramel from oak aging; mineral qualities; and a tinge of sweet-tartness reminiscent of cranberry relish.  It is a vibrant, mouth-watering wine that packs much punch for the price.  We found it at World Market, but Layer Cake Wines can also be found fairly easily in large wine stores as well as grocers with thoughtful wine selections.  For more information on this wine or other Layer Cake wines, visit them virtually at www.layercakewines.com.

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