VIRGINIA CORNER: Saudé Creek Vineyards | Chardonnay Reserve | Virginia | NV | $27 | 88 pts

Saude Creek 2Saudé Creek Vineyards is located on the Pamunkey River in New Kent County, Virginia, about halfway between Richmond and Williamsburg in the state’s Tidewater region.  The winery produces a thoughtful selection of red and white wines from both French-American hybrid varieties and traditional vinifera varieties.  Among the latter is the winery’s newest release — their Chardonnay Reserve.  This is a smooth and creamy Chardonnay with aromas of vanilla bean, bananas foster, and honeysuckle followed by flavors of nectarine, toasted coconut, and butterscotch, with subtle hints of mandarin orange on the finish.  The wine is dry and medium-bodied, with a pleasantly viscous texture and toasty oak that is prominent but deftly layered.  This is a warm and cozy Chardonnay that would make a pleasurable and versatile addition to the holiday table.  Serve it with medium-sharp cheeses, roasted poultry, grilled seafood, and vegetable casseroles.Saude Creek  For availability, visit the winery virtually at or give them a call at 804-966-5896.  If you are in the area and would like to pay them a personal visit, they are located at 16230 Cooks Mill Road, Lanexa, Virginia 23089.

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