PICK for the SUMMER: Cornerstone Cellars | Rocks! | White | California | 2014 | $15

Cornerstone Rocks White“RECOMMENDED”

Rocks! is Cornerstone Cellars’ “house wine” label, and the wines — white, rosé, and red — are each blends of several grape varieties sourced from various vineyards across California. The 2014 Rocks! white is blended from Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, and Orange Muscat (although we do not know in what proportions); an unlikely varietal ensemble, for sure, but they all harmonize so gleefully here that we wish we could see more such “outside of the box” white blends on the market. The wine all but gushes with aromas of orange blossom and kumquat followed by flavors of ripe peach and mixed tropical fruit, with notions of wildflower honey oozing over a mouthwatering finish. It is an easygoing and generous white that is light — yet layered — on the palate, and slightly off-dry with no worries; it is just sweet enough to please fans of sweeter wine styles yet not so sweet as to repel dry wine drinkers. We found it to be particularly refreshing with a hard chill on, so consider keeping it in the freezer for 30 minutes or nestled deep in your ice cooler at the beach for a real treat. What a fun and fitting white wine for a casual gathering or summertime picnic with friends and family.

Availability: For information on the availability of Cornerstone Cellars’ Rocks! line of wines visit them virtually at www.cornerstonecellars.com, or call the tasting room in Yountville, California, at 707-948-6512. Also, see our review of the 2014 Rocks! rosé (“Recommended”) along with Cornerstone’s Corallina rosé of Syrah (“Highly Recommended”) at the link: Rosé.

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