Wine Rating Scale

The 100-point wine rating scale is the standard evaluation method used throughout the U.S. wine industry and wine press.  A common version is as follows:

50-74:   Poor/Undrinkable

75-79:    Mediocre (flawed, but drinkable)

80-84:   Good (solid and well-made)

85-89:   Very Good (has some special qualities) | “Recommended”

90-94:   Outstanding (superior charater and style) | “Highly Recommended”

95-100:  Classic (a truly great wine) | “Imperative”

This scale resonates with American wine consumers, in part, because we’re accustomed to 100-point scales.  In school, for instance, we receive grades that have roughly the same meaning (and impact) as the measures above.  Just think of it his way:  an “A” is really good to excellent; a “B” is good; a “C” is mediocre, and a “D” and below, well…what can we say.  Since we at Wine on the Barrelhead don’t feature wines we rate below 80, then you’re sure to find something worth your while here, no matter what.

Keep in mind that the National Wine Review uses the 100-point scale as only one tool in evaluating and commenting on the wines we review.  Just as importantly, we also describe wines in terms of how we personally experience them ~ their aroma and flavor profile; overall character; and potential for enjoyable food pairings.   We also tell you a little about the winery, winemaker, and region, along with other tid-bits that may help illuminate what the wine is all about and enhance your appreciation of it.

We recognize that wine enjoyment, appreciation, and evaluation are, taken together, an entirely subjective exercise attuned solely to the individual palate.  We do not post reviews of wines for the sake of the numerical rating or in the belief that your impressions of a given wine will be exactly the same as ours.   Rather, we post reviews for the purpose of sharing wines with our readers because we genuinely enjoy them and believe they are worth your time, effort, and expense to find, taste, and experience.

Our reviews are simply guideposts to what we hope will be a pleasurable experience.

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